I made some NES graphics recently because I’m psyched about fall.

Some graphics I did for Rico Zerone's new release - check out the full image and album here - http://goto80.com/chipflip/08/

Explore the furthest reaches of the void. View fullscreen in a dark room for best results.

A shortened version is available here for those seeking a more focused journey.

Video: Edirol V4, Camcorder, & Video Monitor
Audio: Stretched and remixed selections from Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh, & Ashra

Recent video experiments. Zone out.

Put this promo together for Data Garden’s MIDI Sprout.


This is the beginning of the DIY biofeedback movement. All music in this video was generated from the biological impulses of living plants.

MIDI Sprout represents a growing community interested in learning about nature by turning its biofeedback into music.


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